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Buy Moquette Carpet at wholesale price

The price of Moquette Carpet is one of the most important issues that are considered in the Iranian market today. Therefore, major buyers can contact the major distribution collectors to select and purchase new and stylish carpet designs and order the best ones.Sub-sizes are one of the most important products in today’s life. For this reason, different people will always buy according to their needs as well as the products available in the market.

Buy Moquette Carpet at wholesale price

Buy Moquette Carpet in Bulk

Buy Moquette Carpet in BulkVarious methods are available to buyers today so that they can buy all kinds of carpets through them. In the meantime, online shopping can be considered appropriate and many people specify their order in this way. Because they can make the most of the benefits of this method.

Among the most important advantages of buying moquette carpet tiles online are:

Inquire about the price of the day, buy new and updated designs, work with large collections, reduce costs and save time

The Characteristics of Moquette Carpet

The Characteristics of Moquette Carpet  If you are looking for a good carpet with high quality and durability, be sure to buy from reputable moquette carpet suppliers agencies that have a guarantee and warranty. The durability of the carpet depends on factors such as thickness and density, the type of fiber and how it is made. Examine the back of the carpet carefully when buying it. If the knots are close together and the texture is tighter, the carpet will be stronger and more durable. Carpet density refers to the high number of fiber fibers in the carpet. The higher the density, the longer the carpet will last. The higher the density, the lower the softness of the carpet. Of course, this depends on the customer’s preference to prefer softness to longevity and roughness.

Fiber is the main texture of carpet, which is available in a variety of types, such as wool fibers and nylon fibers. Fiber can also be made from soluble polyester or polyester fibers, trichost polyester fibers, or olefin fibers, each with its own characteristics. Here’s a look at some of the types of fibers used in carpets:

Wool fibers: These types of fibers are the most expensive type of fiber, have a long and soft life and at the same time have a high price.

Nylon fibers: Nylon fibers are the most durable type of fiber. They are soft and varied in design and color. These fibers are both easy to get dirty and easy to clean.

Polyester fibers: Carpets made of polyester have many advantages. These advantages include the reasonable price and the type of construction, and their fragmentation.

Soluble color polyester: This type of polyester is available in limited colors. Instead, it is reasonably priced, durable, and stain-resistant, and at the same time highly resistant to ultraviolet rays; that is, sunlight cannot repel its color.

Trieste polyester fiber: This type of polyester is the best type of polyester used in carpet making. In fact, this polyester, with its special molecular structure, shows the highest resistance to contamination and has a high durability.

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