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Commercial Carpet | best Wall to wall carpets supplier

Commercial Carpet

What are some of the tips for choosing carpet in the hotel?

When decorating, decorating and equipping hotels, it should be considered carpet as an inspirational cover. Carpet in the preservation of appearance, the beauty of rooms and different parts also affect the mood of guests and travelers. On the other hand, because it is costly to supply and supply, then all costs, durability, and color should be taken into account. For example, a hotel with 200 rooms or less, it is necessary to use a carpet that is suitable for its position and capacity. Large hotels with a specific location, in choosing the type, design and color, are sufficient to provide a carpet, a way of installing it, and using it in a variety of different shapes.

Commercial Carpet | best Wall to wall carpets supplier

How long does living room carpet last?

How long does living room carpet last?

Carpet type

In general, today, there is a tendency toward more fluffy carpets, and they are considered to be heavy, especially for guest rooms, lobbies and conference halls. This kind of carpet is of a variety, such as spinning yarn, long lace, and so on.

1- Nylon thread: There are large and continuous strands of different colors, and its softness is not so much wool. The soil hides and does not show itself.

Polypropylene: Polypropylene is a very hard and light material used to coat pipes and tubes. This chemical is widely used in the packaging industry. In front of the light, it has more resistance, and it is not possible to open up the humidity sooner, so it can be installed in the service corridors.

3. The flooring is not cheap, cheap, cheap, and durable, and is not a luxury item, and it is very affordable for the price and price of the property, and the hotel-savers that are economically savvy can use it.

Carpetting the walls is more of a view that absorbs the sound and provides a great surface for hanging panels and images, because the nail is never seen, and this is a very significant design and decor.

How long should wall to wall carpeting last?

How long should wall to wall carpeting last? disadvantages of wall to wall carpet

Cleaning: Care should be taken to maintain, maintain and clean carpets and floors. The housewarming part of the hotel should be the guardian and guardian of the hotel. In places where you can wash your shampoo regularly, this should continue. Of course, all parts of the carpet should be thoroughly cleaned with a clean vacuum cleaner and good soil. Especially in areas where it travels too much, for example, near the lifts and entrance doors. It is best to cover these areas periodically with dirt grade and using chemicals such as drying floors, steaming or other methods, with specially designed towels designed to clean, dust and clean.

What is the best material for wall to wall carpet?

What is the best material for wall to wall carpet? wall to wall carpet trends

Color: The importance of color should not be overlooked because the carpet color is considered as an important factor for displaying the environment and what it is seen in; that is, the controller of the visual space of the building, the objects and devices that are there, so its color Must be wise and carefully selected. In the case of carpet paint, a series of hints should be made. Some parts of the hotel, whether through the air or as a result of which there are large portions of exposure to dust or ash. It should be tried to avoid dusting on the floorboard, depending on the color of the carpet. Some colors can hide this defect so that they can not be exposed at any time. Therefore, it is better to use dark or spotted designs or combinations in such places as food departments and the like. In areas where it travels low and the difficulty of soiling can be used in bright colors.

In the matter of color picking, one more general principle must be taken into account, and that different colors create different and different states, or different situations require special colors.

What are the different types of carpets?

What are the different types of carpets? best carpet for high traffic family room

In the same way, in the circles of happiness and happiness, the color of the colors should be joyful and joyful, and it will give pleasure, warmth, warmth and appeasement. The cold colors indicate that the parliament is held in silence, silence, dignity and dignity.

important things:

1- Carpet hallways and rooms should be chosen which, after washing the period spent in the hotel, does not create an unpleasant smell due to the influence of water under the carpet.

2. Does not create electricity.

3. Fireproof.

4. In order to save money and prevent it, some carpets can be used to cover the carpet with a wide racket that can be replaced when one or more pieces are lost.

5- For the beauty before installing the carpet after the carpeting of the entire floor of the corridors and rooms, make a margin of about 20 cm from the ceramic or stone on the floor and after installing these edges, carpets are installed inside this frame.

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