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Floor Carpet Design Distribution Center

This article explains floor carpet design. Carpet is one of the most important elements in home decoration and it makes the interior look beautiful. In the past handmade rugs were used and the carpet design and layout were important, later with the advent of carpet technology that came to market in addition to the affordable price, a good variety of designs. So its design is important to us. So, to learn more about this particular Gray Commercial Carpet and Buy Moquette, follow us by the end of this article.

Floor Carpet Design Distribution Center

Shaggy rug home carpet for living room

Shaggy rug home carpet for living room Concerning the Shaggy carpet, it can be said that the Shaggy carpet is a modern fancy carpet that has long lint, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the lint carpet. This type of carpet has many different types:

  • Monochrome Shaggy Carpet
  • Multicolored Shaggy Carpet
  • Three-dimensional Shaggy carpet

These carpets are used in different places including homes, office spaces and living room because of their different appearance and special beauty. These carpets usually do not last long and they are difficult to clean due to the long lint and are more decorative.

And so it is best to use them in places with less traffic. Shaggy carpet has a fancy or modern look and is used in interior decoration due to different shaggy carpet colors. Shaggy rugs are usually used for bedroom rugs because of their softness and low traffic. We recommend that you do not use Shaggy rugs in the children’s room or kitchen because of the structure of the dog rug and its long lint, dust and edible materials are placed on top of it and cannot be easily cleaned, which can cause allergies and allergies.

Cause some diseases. Regarding the fibers of this carpet, we can say that the yarn used in the Shaggy carpets is made of propylene, acrylic, polyester wool, and the polyester shaggy carpets are common to all office and home spaces. In the texture of these carpets we use thread yarns (cut yarns). The size of the pallets in a carpet is usually 10mm, which in the Shaggy carpet is 3 to 4 times the size of the pallets. Shaggy rugs are very soft because of the long lint and we feel comfortable when standing on these rugs. Also, these carpets are usually light in weight and woven into small pieces and sizes.

High quality printed wall to wall carpet

High quality printed wall to wall carpet If you want to enjoy the highest quality of these products, you need to visit reputable stores that work in this field. Shopping from this store makes you feel comfortable about the quality and authenticity of the product and leaves no doubt about it. You can search these stores and their dealerships online.

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