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Herringbone pattern sisal carpet manufacturer

Herringbone pattern sisal carpet believes in the flow of life on floor coverings and in this regard, we always strive to contribute to enhancing your lifestyle by providing the most appropriate carpeting. We want your steps on Sisal flooring to be safe and relaxing. The company has made significant strides in this area by providing the highest quality office, residential and hotel carpets. The Herringbone pattern sisal carpet landscape helps create modern spaces. Spaces that lead to greater convenience and visual enjoyment, not environments that are far from aesthetically designed.

Herringbone pattern sisal carpet manufacturer

carpet tiles vs wall to wall carpet cost

carpet tiles vs wall to wall carpet cost What is a Carpet tile? moquette carpet tiles are one of the new types of carpet and rectangular carpet tiles of different sizes. Thai carpet with different colors and designs can be combined in several colors in puzzle mode or light and dark color with a chessboard or brick pattern. Use in crowded places such as high-traffic office spaces, public hallways such as exhibitions, hotels and conference halls are advantages of using Thai carpeting because if there is a problem over time, there is no need to change. It is not a large carpet area and is economically viable. If burned, contaminated and dirty, the item can be easily washed or replaced. What is the right carpet for Thai carpet?

  • Conveniently installed in busy large stores
  • Suitable for office installation
  • Suitable for installation on amphitheaters with stairs
  • Suitable for airport installation (installed at many airports)
  • Suitable for installation in shops
  • Suitable for shoe-mounted homes
  • Suitable for installation in high-powered computer spaces
  • Suitable for installation in factories and industrial areas
  • And it is suitable for all areas of footwear

 Installing this carpet model does not require much time and space to shut down. Executing various Thai carpet designs on the floor of residential buildings or as wall decoration gives your space a special touch. Easy to carry Due to its small size, easy installation and maintenance of tile carpet is another factor in the popularity of this type of flooring. What is a specialized carpet tile study article? Now you can choose the carpet that suits your needs according to the characteristics of your environment. Roya has provided a variety of color carpet designs and designs to meet the needs of its customers.

Roll carpet moquette is fixed-width carpets manufactured in the factory and available as carpet rolls and in variable lengths. The standard width of roll carpet for carpets manufactured in Iran is usually 3 meters. The carpets produced by the factory are produced in widths of 2 meters, 3 meters, and 4 meters. An example of this is the carpet flooring used in ancient times to insulate the floor of homes. On the other hand, there are a variety of modern floor coverings for home flooring today, but some people still like to use carpeting in parts of the home such as the stairs, hallway, living room and especially the bedroom.

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