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High quality moquette carpet price

Most factories produce high quality moquette carpets in different colors. Due to the high demand of customers to buy these products, High-quality moquette carpet is always easily sold immediately after production. That’s why most manufacturers produce High-quality moquette carpets in a variety of colors and designs so customers can make more choices. Each of these manufacturers offers High-quality moquette carpet at different prices depending on the quality of their products.

High quality moquette carpet price

best-quality moquette carpet for sale

best-quality moquette carpet for sale Moquette is one of the textiles used to cover the floor of various places in the building. There are several hidden features associated with moquette quality that can give you great information in measuring moquette quality. To buy the best-quality moquette carpet, all these indicators must be considered. The most important indicators and criteria affecting the recognition of best-quality moquette carpet:


  • Moquette weight
  • Moquette density
  • Twist the fibers
  • Moquette fiber type
  • The type of moquette texture and its style

Over the years, the brand has always strived to produce the best-quality moquette carpet. The variety of moquette production methods along with the variety of fibers used, as well as the variety of designs and colors, has made the brand successful in attracting the attention of all audiences with every taste and need.

factory price of moquette carpet wall to wall

factory price of moquette carpet wall to wall Where is moquette carpet wall to wall sold? If you go to the sales centers of all kinds of moquette, you will encounter a great variety of models and brands. The price of different types of moquette varies depending on the type of fiber, the method of production and the dyeing, and the moquette whose color is constant has a higher price than regular moquette. It should be noted that the price of foreign moquette is more expensive compared to the price of Iranian moquette. The most important thing when choosing a new moquette for your home or workplace is to make sure that the moquette meets your needs for the desired location. Some moquette is suitable for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms. There is also a moquette that is produced for use in busy places. Moquette is usually made of polymer fibers such as polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene. Each of these fibers has its own characteristics. As one of the largest and most well-known brands of moquette manufacturers in Iran, this brand puts quality at the forefront of its work and always tries to satisfy customers by offering a variety of durable moquette. This brand always tries to satisfy the buyers with any taste by providing the best quality of different types of moquette that has different features.

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