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How much is Industrial Carpet?

do you know how much is industrial carpet? it is depends on variety of variables such as , designs, amount of reeds  and other things. in this article we will familiar with industrial carpets and applications in our homes.

How much is Industrial Carpet?

What is Industrial Carpet ?

What is Industrial Carpet ?Among the many ways of decorating interiors,  carpets widly used . Whether in home or office decoration, carpets can add a touch of elegance to the space and offer protection to the floors.

Carpets are floor coverings made of wool, fiber or yarn. Its design is generally rectangular, although there are also square, circular or oval designs. They can be plain (uniform in color) or feature elaborate and colorful designs.

Its main use is to cover the floor of a certain area, being the living and waiting rooms the most common places where we find carpets. Carpets differ from carpets in their dimensions. carpets can be considered small carpets, therefore the area of ​​a mat is very small compared to that of a mat.

Over time, carpets have undergone various modifications, even becoming means of expression for different cultures and at the different times they have been manufactured. Thus, we find carpets with highly elaborate designs, fretwork, arabesques and others that were made in the countries of the Middle East.

There are carpets with religious motifs used in large churches and temples or others in which the coat of arms of the families that owned them was reflected. Currently, commercial carpets and industrial carpets with elaborate designs for interior decoration are valued, as well as carpets made with warm materials both for the care of the floor and to prevent the cooling of people’s feet.

How thick is Industrial Carpet?

How thick is Industrial Carpet?Carpet density is the number of nodes that are along a carpet and per square meter of it. Carpet reeds  are the number of knots that are available across a rug and every square meter of the rug. The higher the density of machine-made carpets, the higher the strength, durability and longevity of the carpet.

Of course, the type of carpet is also an important factor in creating durability. The higher a shoulder carpet is, the finer it is woven and more similar to handmade carpets. So it always adds consistency and beauty, and the shoulder of elegance, the amount of thickness or thinness.

commercial carpet flooring with different widths and reeds  have different durability, beauty, strength, softness, thickness and elegance. 700-shoulder machine-made carpets have a density of about 2550, 1000-shoulder carpets have a density of 3000 and 1200-shoulder carpets have the highest and best density of machine-made carpets, which is 3600. Other densities are also common in the market. at the end for prices of variety types of carpets you can contact with our expert sale and receive daily prices.

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