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Plain non woven polyester exhibition carpets

Polyester exhibition carpets are a model of products most commonly known as red carpet or red carpet. This carpet model is more commonly used in luxury spaces. This collection is widely distributed nationwide for the easy purchase of polyester exhibition carpets. To make polyester exhibition carpets better for our customers, this collection aims to send nationwide to all customers. This way customers can buy polyester exhibition carpets from anywhere in the country through this site.

Plain non woven polyester exhibition carpets

Needle punch moquette price

Needle punch moquette price What are plain carpet rugs? Matches or corrugated carpets are among the well-known and well-established products that have good strength. Buying a carpet or stripe carpet is one of the oldest carpet types that still has its fans because of its good endurance. This carpet is one of the best quality carpet made of polypropylene fibers which is one of the best types of fibers. What are the characteristics of polypropylene fibers, plain carpet rugs? Features of match carpet with polypropylene fibers can be mentioned:

  •  To be soft and gentle
  •  Being healthy
  •  High resistance and also anti-static
  • The thickness of the matching carpet has a high fiber density.

On the back of this carpet, the best adhesive is used, which gives the carpet good strength and durability. Plain carpet rugs and all products available at this site and online are 100% washable and usable in humid places. This site offers a variety of plain carpet rugs. This online carpet collection, with minor and major sales of plain carpet rugs, all sorts of benefits to the customer so that customers can enjoy this product at no cost.

Loop Pile Moquette Carpet floor

Loop Pile Moquette Carpet floor What are the carpet texture types? Today, with the advancement in carpet production technology, 95% of all carpet products in the world are manufactured in fluffy fabric. In this process, it takes about an hour to produce a carpet roll, which takes about eight hours to produce a textured carpet. To produce carpets with a fluffy texture, a large number of needles are made of twisted fibers, and the fibers are inserted into the main support in two forms of the ring and cut tissue. A heavy adhesive coating is used to hold the woven carpet and maintain the texture of the carpet, and the second backing often adheres to the carpet for durability and durability.

  • Loop Pile Model

When all of the ring textures in the carpet are of the same height, the carpet product will be very durable and flexible with a natural appearance even when made of synthetic fibers. Compact ring textures are very good at hiding traces or marks from a chair or wheelchair, so carpets woven in this style have a good combination of efficiency and beauty.

  • Cut Pile Model

In this method of carpet weaving, the fibers are twisted after being woven by the machine at the same height. These fibers are tightly twisted and often undergo heat treatment to maintain the twisted fibers, such as carpets having a fluffy surface with a fiber height of five to ten mm.

  • Woven model

The fibers and the backing are twisted together in the knitting machines. As a result, a second backing is used to cover the tissues, which is used to further strengthen the tissue used. The difference between Tufted woven carpets and Woven carpets is in their support, in that the woven carpets are woven into a theropod with fibers, which is not the case in Tufted carpets.

  • Needle Punched Nonwoven Model

The Needle Punch carpet production process is performed seamlessly by dipping the special needles in the wool (not woven). Carpets such as Crafter, Lombok Gel and HongKong are manufactured in this way. Nonwoven laminates are inserted into the carpet making machine, in which process special needles for this type of groove are produced at specified intervals of time. They are also interconnected through the multi-layer welds at the intensity specified by the device.

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